Calgary Foundation’s Neighbour Grants (Canada)

Calgary Foundation’s Neighbour Grants (Canada)

Deadline: 8-Oct-21

The Calgary Foundation’s Neighbour Grants are now open to help people build their sense of inclusive belonging in their own neighbourhoods and communities.

The small acts of community they support tend to be projects where people:

Build gathering spaces, such as community gardens and naturalized areas.
Engage people in creative ways to address concerns, such as community-created street murals, anti-racism arts festivals, and non-partisan discussions on the importance of voting.
Foster a sense of pride and presence, such as cultural sharing events and achievement celebrations of local youth and seniors.
Give people the chance to get involved in community life, such as book- or toolsharing libraries, new kinds of neighborhood festivals, and skills-sharing events.
Plan and guide neighborhood and community development, such as resident-driven design or sustainability workshops and Reconciliation-themed learning initiatives.
To qualify, the small acts of community must:

Help people be leaders within everyday life of their own communities.
Form new or stronger connections between local people, groups, and organizations.
Strengthen people’s sense of belonging within the diversity of neighborhood or community.
Agree to follow all public health guidelines for the pandemic and adapt as guidelines evolve.
Funding Information


Neighbor Grants offers up to $ 7,500.
Eligibility Criteria

Registered charities and other qualified donee can apply for projects that take place in Calgary and area. If your group is not a registered charity, call them to discuss grant options.
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