CBOW Project Foundation Grant Call 2022

CBOW Project Foundation Grant Call 2022

Deadline: 30-Apr-22

The Children Born of War (CBOW) project foundation is inviting proposals from eligible individuals and organisations working to promote and safeguard the needs and rights of children born of war.

CBOW are children where the mother is a local native and the father usually belongs to a foreign military, armed group, or e.g. a peacekeeping force. In order to promote activities to the benefit of CBOW around the world, the foundation offers a limited number of small grants to individuals and/or organizations.
The CBOW have been abused, abandoned, mobbed, rejected by their family and communities and ignored by the state. These children are often ignored by policy makers, humanitarian aid and their communities. They may face lifelong disadvantages and psychological trauma.
Aims of the foundation include:
Work for increased awareness, knowledge and available information about CBOW
Work to secure and promote the rights of CBOW worldwide
Support teaching and training projects aimed at combating stigma and excluding CBOW
Support research initiatives aimed at knowledge building and documentation of living conditions and treatment of CBOW worldwide
Direct assistance to organizations and individuals working on projects related to the foundation’s purpose
Funding information
Through grant financing of up to max. 10.000 USD.
The foundation offers financial support directed towards the following activities:

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Teaching and training activities aimed at combating stigma and exclusion of CBOW
Initiatives aimed at knowledge building including data collection and documentation of living conditions and treatment of CBOW.
Organizations and individuals working on activities related to the foundation’s purpose.
Evaluation Procedure
All applications will be assessed following the steps listed below:
This is a simple check to ensure the application meets the eligibility criteria. Only those that meet the criteria will move to the next stage
Panel members assess the project by looking at:
Aim of the proposed activity
Background and experience of the applicant(s)
Pitch Sessions: The selected individuals or organizations that make it to the shortlist are invited for a virtual pitch session to allow further explanation of their proposed activities and additional assessment by the panel members.
Selection of proposals and finalization of grant documents and payment (by July 1st, 2022).
For more information, visit https://www.cbowproject.org/calls-grants/

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