Community Project Grants (US)

Community Project Grants

Deadline: 15-Sep-22

The New Hampshire Humanities’ Community Project Grants is now open to support public humanities programs across New Hampshire.

The public humanities bring the insights and knowledge of humanities disciplines – history, literature, philosophy, ethics, archeology, anthropology, linguistics, geography, the law or legal theory, classics, and cultural or religious studies – to bear on public life.

Through such programs, the public humanities strengthen civic discourse and foster an informed citizenry, and, therefore, fundamentally support both the local communities and national democracy.

Types of Grants

New Hampshire Humanities currently offers two types of Community Project Grants:
Mini Grants: Mini Grants provide up to $2,000 in funds.
Major Grants: Major Grants provide up to $10,000 in funds.

Community Project Grant recipients must meet a 1:1 match requirement to comply with NEH regulations. For every dollar NHH awards, the applicant must contribute an equal value of goods or services to the project, either as cash and/or in-kind contributions.
A successful application will demonstrate that it is prepared to meet the NEH matching criteria and responsibly use awarded grant funds.
Applicant Preparedness: New Hampshire Humanities is obligated to ensure that federal taxpayer-supported awards are spent responsibly and will support high-quality programs that positively impact local communities. When they evaluate your application, they pay close attention to whether you have demonstrated your ability to execute the proposed program.
For more information, visit

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