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Technical assistance to Sudan on Domestic Resource Mobilisation (National Consultant)

Département / Bureau : Commission économique pour l’Afrique
Lieu d’affectation : RABAT
Période de candidature : – 28 août 2022
No de l’appel á candidature : 22-Economic Commission for Africa-188685-Consultant
Staffing Exercise N/A
Valeurs fondamentales de l’ONU : intégrité, professionnalisme, respect de la diversité
Result of Service
The National consultant shall, within the relevant time-frame, provide the Sub-regional Office for North Africa of the ECA (ECA SRO-NA), in electronic format, a Methodology Note, Documentation and a Final Report of the consultation.
Work Location
Expected duration
The National consultant will be hired for three months starting from the signature date of the contract.
Duties and Responsibilities
ECA’s mission is to deliver ideas and actions for an empowered and transformed Africa; informed by the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063. The mission will be guided by ECA’s five new strategic directions which are: Advancing ECA’s position as a premier knowledge institution that builds on its unique position and privilege to bring global solutions to the continent’s problems and take local solution to the continent; Developing macroeconomic and structural policy options to accelerate economic diversification and job creation; Designing and implementing innovative financing models for infrastructure, and for human, physical and social assets for a transforming Africa; Contributing solutions to regional and trans-boundary challenges, with a focus on peace security and social inclusion as an important development nexus; Advocating Africa’s position at the global level and developing regional responses as a contribution to global governance issues.
The Sub-regional Office for North Africa of the ECA (ECA SRO-NA) is located in Rabat (Morocco), and serves seven member states: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, and Tunisia. The main objective is to contribute to achieving structural transformation and balanced development through implementation of an environment conducive to the creation of employment for women and young people in North Africa. Its core functions are: Strengthening the capacity of member states in the sub-region to design and implement national policies and strategies for sustainable employment creation; Contributing to the implementation of sub-regional development priorities in line with the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063 with due consideration for youth and gender perspectives; Improving macroeconomic and fiscal policies, and to ensure sustainable growth; Providing relevant technical assistance to member states and to regional economic communities and intergovernmental organizations in building their capacities to sustain economic, social and political transformation, with a particular focus on employment, skills and balanced development, with the aim of ensuring inclusive growth, taking into consideration access to equal opportunities for women and young people.
1) Background and rationale for support
Sudan’s tax collection is low, at about 5 per cent of GDP in 2020 down from 6 per cent in 2019. With multiple and complex structural weaknesses, tax revenue is estimated to fall further to 4.8 percent of GDP in 2021. Tax collection in Sudan falls behind that of comparator countries. The tax-to-GDP ratio in Sudan is at the bottom of countries with similar characteristics and per capita GDP. Sudan’s tax revenue performance has been relatively stagnant over the past two decades and remains significantly be-low potential.
Income tax accounts for less than 10 percent of tax revenue, in part because of the historical im-portance of oil revenue but also because of numerous tax holidays and exemptions in the Investment Law and a large informal sector, estimated at more than 60 percent of GDP. Indirect taxes, specifically through customs, excises, and VAT, are the main sources of tax revenue, but have too many rates.
Tax revenue mobilization remains a key macroeconomic and development challenge for Sudan. A sustained and consistent increase in revenue will not only lead to direct fiscal benefits but can also contribute to economic and social stability. Economic stability in terms of low rates of inflation and predictable exchange rate movement requires increased dependence on revenue from real sources and reduced dependence on government borrowing from financial institutions. Fiscal discipline is a prerequisite for the success of ongoing macroeconomic reforms in Sudan, including managed exchange rate policies. Furthermore, empirical evidence shows that tax revenue contributes to economic growth when the revenue is greater than 12.75 per cent of GDP.
2) Scope and tasks of work
Under the direct supervision of the Economic Affairs Officer and the overall supervision of the Director of the Sub-regional Office for North Africa of the ECA (ECA SRO-NA), the National consultant will undertake the following tasks:
• Assist and provide support to the STC in its administrational reforms.
• Develop expertise and analysis of issues relating to tax policy and administration.
• Work with revenue collecting departments to evaluate revenue mobilization resulting from the implementation of the tax reforms.
• Assist STC and UNECA tax experts in making recommendations for tax policy changes to the Government on the basis of analytical research.
• Develop periodic reports on revenue collection and on changes to the STC administrations.
• Contributes to UNECA tax team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.
• Assist STC in reviewing and evaluating current international tax policies and determining future reforms.
• Provide technical assistance to the STC officials in executing the UNECA tax consultant’s policy and administrative recommendation.
• Provide follow-up to all STC experts who attended technical workshops to assure the intended outcomes.
• Assist and support in analyzing and evaluating administrational tax procedures and recommend future enhancements.
• Assist in organizing technical meetings between STC officials and UNECA tax experts.
• Provide advice and practical support on implementing technical recommendations UNECA tax experts provide, like amending Large taxpayers’ criteria and enforcement of withholding tax articles and other technical recommendations.
3) Anticipated Deliverables and Implementation schedule
The following deliverables are expected:
1) On-site support/training to STC staff in different departments.
2) Monthly progress report to summaries the on-going work and expected outcomes;
3) Final report at the end of the three months to summaries objectives, work plan, activities, achievements, areas that needs further interventions, and recommend set of actions to be taken by STC and the Government of Sudan.
4) Documentation on the process of the technical assistance to STC
The plan and deadlines for the deliverables will be discussed and decided in consultation between the National consultant and ECA SRO-NA.
Qualifications/special skills
Academic Qualifications: Advanced university degree in economics, management, statistics or related fields is required. A PhD in Economics and related fields is an advantage
Experience: A minimum of ten (10) years of experience in economic or social work or research is required. Experience in Tax Policy and management is an advantage
Language: English and French are the working languages of the UN Secretariat. For this consultancy, Fluency in one of the working languages of the UN Secretariat is required. Knowledge of Arabic language is an advantage
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