The Belfrey Small Grants Fund in the UK

 Belfrey Small Grants Fund

Deadline: 1-Jul-22

The Two Ridings Community Foundation is now inviting applications for its Belfrey Small Grants Fund to provide a resource to support social action work being done by charities in York, especially those working at grassroots and local community level.

The Belfrey is a city-centre resource church based next to York Minster, serving the city and region.

What are the priorities for the fund?

The fund will support charitable activities that focus on the following:
Mental Health
Young People and families
The panel are keen to support projects that encourage volunteering and partnership working. In the event of oversubscription projects that include an element of volunteering or partnership working may be prioritised.
Funding Information

Grants are available of up to £2,000
There is £50,000 to distribute across 2 panels
What can be funded?

Organisations can apply for core costs or project costs and they strongly encourage those applying for project costs to apply full cost recovery.
The panel are keen that the funding makes up a significant proportion of the total project costs or it can be demonstrated that this grant will have a significant impact.
The fund will not support capital projects although small capital items can be included within the application.
Eligibility Criteria

Groups must:
Be supporting people living in York
Have a management committee with at least 3 unrelated members
Be a voluntary organisation, community group, registered charity or other not for profit organisation
Have a bank account in the group’s name (with two unrelated signatories as a minimum)
Have an annual income of under £200,000 based on current forecast annual income
For more information, visit

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