Bourse Labex Milyon pour Étudiants internaux



Les candidatures aux bourses LabEx Milyon de l’Université de Lyon sont désormais ouvertes pour l’année universitaire 2022-2023.

Tous les ans, le Labex (Laboratoire d’excellence) MILYON offre des bourses de Master et Licence sur critères académiques à plusieurs étudiants internationaux souhaitant intégrer l’une des formations dispensées par les établissements de l’Université de Lyon que le Labex soutient.

Objectives and Project Outcomes
The objectives of the Public Diplomacy Grant Program are to promote positive relations between the people of Uganda and the United States; reinforce shared values; and connect high potential Ugandan youth and young professionals (aged 16 to 35) as well as established professional leaders to the American people through projects that:

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Help Ugandan youth aged 16 – 35, especially young women, explore and discover their potential through innovative science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs, as well as entrepreneurship programs.
Encourage Ugandan youth aged 16 – 35 to participate in civic life through social entrepreneurship, volunteerism, and community engagement.
Strengthen understanding of U.S. values and institutions; highlight U.S. culture, including American Studies; and support diversity, inclusion, and equality.
Utilize the power of the arts to promote positive self-expression, social change, and economic opportunity among Ugandan youth aged 16 – 35.
Equip emerging community leaders (e.g., sports coaches, arts instructors, and cultural professionals) aged 22 – 35 with the skills and knowledge necessary to grow their organizations or to enhance their engagement with youth audiences.
Promote the development and application of new technologies and innovative solutions to economic, environmental, and social challenges. Projects could connect U.S. technology or public policy experts with Ugandan peers or foster the application of American technology and innovations to address challenges in Ugandan communities.
Support civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing a vibrant and prosperous democratic society through programs that strengthen NGO management, enhance the skills of early to mid-career NGO/CSO professionals, strengthen networks between NGO/CSO professionals in the United States and Uganda, or demonstrate to the public the positive role CSOs play in advancing a prosperous, healthy, and informed society.
Funding Information
Estimated Total Program Funding: $200,000. Funding may be available to renew awards issued under the Public Diplomacy Grant Program for a period of two additional years.
Award Ceiling: $40,000; proposals for awards over $40,000 and up to $200,000 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Award Floor: $5,000
Projects generally should be completed within one year or less.
Activities that are typically funded include, but are not limited to:Programs that reinforce and amplify lessons learned by alumni of State Department-funded exchange programs (both American and Ugandan alumni);
Youth engagement and leadership programs;
Workshops, seminars, trainings, and master classes on American themes or issues of mutual interest;
Programs to empower young women;
Radio, television, and social media training and programming in support of the program objectives;
Programs designed as a partnership between a Ugandan and U.S. organization;
Initiatives in support of the program objectives that make creative use of the Mission’s American Center in Kampala or Nile Explorer bus, a mobile classroom that provides extracurricular learning opportunities in STEM and other subjects through visits to underserved communities across Uganda.
Eligibility Criteria
The Public Affairs Office encourages applications from all sectors: committed and organized civil-society organizations, local representatives of civil society, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, cultural institutions, academic institutions, and individuals. All grantees must have a non-profit status.
They seek proposals for activities that engage geographically and demographically diverse audiences within Uganda. U.S. NGOs, international NGS, and individuals may apply. Applications in partnership between U.S. and Ugandan NGOs/individuals are encouraged.
Inviting U.S. Experts
The Public Affairs Office also welcomes proposals for the participation of U.S. citizen experts at in-person or virtual programs in support of the program objectives. The travel costs for in-person programs in Uganda may include economy class airfare of a U.S. flag carrier, stipend for meals, daily honorarium, lodging, and local transportation.
Funding requests for activities involving U.S. citizen experts should include a proposed daily schedule for the expert (minimum of two program days excluding travel time). If participation in a conference is expected, please provide its description (organizer, topics, goals and objectives, audience, other sponsors and other expected speakers and participants).
When possible, the Public Affairs Office prefers to provide support to U.S. experts who are available to participate in multiple events. The Public Affairs Office is willing to work with grantees to identify additional programming opportunities in support of public diplomacy program objectives for U.S. experts traveling to Uganda.
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