NBA Dakar recrute 01 Medical Consultant

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NBA Dakar recrute 01 Medical Consultant – Basketball Africa League (BAL)

Medical Consultant – Basketball Africa League (BAL) 

National Basketball Association (NBA) Dakar, Sénégal

The physician who serves as Medical Lead will be a member of the management team of the Basketball Africa League.
The most important responsibility of this role is managing the structure through which medical care is provided to the players of the BAL.
This role integrates medical expertise with medical consultants, certified and/or licensed athletic trainers, and other allied healthcare professionals.
In addition to the skills to manage a medical care structure, you should possess special proficiency in the prevention and care of musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions encountered in sports.
This role also educates athletes, coaches, and administrators on league rules, policies, and operations related to medical care.
You will partner with various BAL departments, local hospitals, first-responders, and other physicians to organize and manage medical coverage and services at BAL events.
You must reside on the African continent and be available for regular travel, including international travel to various BAL competition sites.

Major Responsibility
• Partner with BAL to coordinate, staff and oversee event medical coverage at league events
• Provide medical expertise to develop, implement, and periodically review event medical protocols, including chain of command for medical emergency and injury management
• Organize and administer emergency and concierge medical staffing for league event staff/guests at select events
• Develop and communicate standard methodologies for on-site care of acute medical incidents at events and arenas
• Coordinate transport for off-site medical care with local first responders, local medical facilities, medical staff, public safety officers, event administrators and other key partners
• Build trusted working relationships with hospitals across the African continent to assist with event or business travel needs
• Review and enforce medical policies of applicable governing bodies and localitie Consult on and oversee implementation of certain BAL health policies (e.g., cardiac screening, concussion program) Support BAL’s Anti-Drug Program Maintain medical supplies inventory Monitor and communicate global health issues and provide recommendations for BAL-related business/event travel
• Address other issues that affect athletic performance, including strength and conditioning, nutrition, ergogenic aids, substance abuse and psychological response to injury Participate in the development and rehearsal of medical emergency action plans, event preparedness (e.g., environmental concerns, supplies, equipment, medication, policies and postseason review)

Required Skills/Knowledge
• Understands medical emergency management and prevention of injury and illness in athletes
• Possesses a fundamental knowledge of on-court/field medical emergency care (e.g., concussion, cardiac emergencies, spinal injuries and heat-related illnesses) Is trained in basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED)
• Has a working knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions that affect athletes
• Strong proficiency in the use of medical records systems
• Training in advanced cardiac and trauma life support
• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build positive collaborative working relationships across departments and organizations
• Maintain the highest level of confidentiality related to player medical records
• Must possess cultural competence – The ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across cultures
• Verbal and written fluency in English required, French highly preferred, Portuguese and Arabic, a plus
• Ability to work in different countries with cultural competency

Experience Needed
• Minimum of 10 years of years of related event medicine and/or sports medicine experience
• Significant experience in the development and implementation of emergency action plans
• Strong medical event planning and staffing experience
• Experience running a clinical practice focused on sports medicine, a plus
• Prior experience with professional basketball highly preferred, experience with major/professional sporting events, teams or leagues, a plus
• Strong editorial and writing skills required

• MD in good standing, with an unrestricted license to practice medicine
• Medical specialty board certification, required
• Certification in sports medicine preferred
• Fellowship training in sports medicine, preferred Membership and participation in a sports medicine professional association or society, preferred


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