Numun Fund’s Seed, Grow and Sustain Grants Program

Numun Fund’s Seed, Grow and Sustain Grants Program

Deadline: 1 August 2022

The Numun Fund’s Seed, Grow and Sustain Grants Program is now open to support initiatives, collectives, groups and organisations with a focus on feminist tech activism in the Larger World, aka the Global South.

The aim of Numun Fund is to seed and sustain feminist technology infrastructure for movement organising, and they understand digital technologies to be an important part of movement infrastructure. Numun Fund draws on the breadth and depth of knowledge that already exists in social justice and feminist movements, and works to shift power and resources to feminist and women/trans-led groups, organisations and networks who engage with technology in their activism.

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Types of Grants
The “Seed, Grow & Sustain” grant is a multi-year, flexible grant open for application by initiatives, collectives, groups and organisations with a focus on feminist tech activism in the Larger World.
The grant is between USD5, 000 – USD100, 000 for a period of 2 years, depending on where the group is in the life cycle of organised activism. The grant is flexible and can be used for general support and/or projects, and it is their vision and intention to have it open for renewal.
Seed: USD5, 000 – 10, 000
This is to seed the work of emerging collectives or initiatives on feminist tech. The idea is to provide resources to support activism that is new, or may have been exploratory, passion-projects and/or driven by volunteers.
Grow: USD10, 000 – 50, 000
This is to support the growth of groups or initiatives that have been working together for at least 2 years, in formal or informal ways, and who would like to deepen or expand their networks, communities, strategies, initiatives or activism.
Sustain: USD50, 000 – USD100, 000
This is to contribute to the sustainability of feminist tech groups or organisations by providing general/core and flexible funding that can be directed or adapted to internal organising needs or strategising towards emerging context shifts.
Ways of organising
Organisations, collectives, co-ops, initiatives, projects or groups with feminist tech as a key issue in your activism, advocacy and/or approach to change (see below how they understand feminist tech).
Your group can be legally registered, formally organised, unregistered or have an identity primarily online (such as a web project).
Your group can be new, emerging, established or experienced, depending on where you are in the lifecycle of organising.
Your group can be a feminist-focused, and/or women-led programme within a larger human rights or digital rights organisation.
At minimum, you are a collective of two as they understand organising and activism to be powered by connection and collaboration.
Your organising is led by the communities whose realities and priorities it aims to meet or represent.
Your organising comprises of communities who have historically been and continue to be subjected to discrimination, oppression, exploitation and/or exclusion, or is in close connection with movements led by them (e.g. indigenous, women, afro-descendant, migrant, refugee, LBTQI, young people, people with disabilities, women living in rural communities, sex workers). While they have named certain communities here, they are conscious that oppression works in many different ways in different contexts, and they encourage you to apply if your activism, organising or project is reaching historically marginalised communities in your context.
Eligibility Criteria
This grant prioritises application by organising and leadership that is located in the Larger World. They understand this both in terms of territory, as well as in politics, and primarily from the framework of resource disparity, exploitation, exclusion and colonialism. This is an intentional decision due to the exponentially larger resources available for groups based in the Global North, meaning Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.
Larger World organising and leadership includes those based in:
West, Central, East and Southern Africa
Southeast, South and East Asia
Southwest Asia and North Africa, and across Arabic-speaking countries
The Caribbean
Latin America
Pacific Islands
Eastern Europe and Central Asia; and
Indigenous communities and migrant communities based anywhere in the world.
Please note: Although they have tried to be specific in establishing these criteria to make things as clear as possible, if you believe (based on the politics identified here and their stated goals) that your initiative/collective/group/organisation should be eligible, but you do not feel included by these criteria, they invite you to apply anyway, and let us know in the “additional comments” section your reasons for thinking so.

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