OpenFn recrute 01 Senior Consultant

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OpenFn recrute 01 Senior Consultant

Location: Remote (prefer candidates in Dakar, Riga, Cape Town, or available for work in Africa/Europe time zones)

Type: Full-time (hours negotiable)

To apply, please send your CV and a compelling email to [email protected] 

Open Function Group (“OFG”) is a team of information technology consultants on a mission to scale the next generation of health and humanitarian interventions. We help governments and leading NGOs connect their data, systems, and services in order to improve the efficiency and quality of service delivery for marginalized populations.

Our open source integration toolkit, OpenFn, is a digital public good (DPG) used by partners working across 45+ countries and is the social sector’s leading data integration platform.

With a global team spread across Africa and Europe, OFG consults with leading social sector organizations around the world, including government ministries, UNICEF, the IRC, Wildlife Conservation Society, Lwala Community Alliance, MiracleFeet, The Population Council, myAgro, Vera Solutions, Dimagi, and many more.

The role

We are seeking an experienced technology professional to join our small team as a lead consultant on key projects with government ministries and large NGOs. You will play a critical role in ensuring customer success across our project portfolio via excellent project delivery, team leadership, and close collaboration with key implementing partners.

Your role will revolve around remote consultations, discovery calls, workshops, and trainings, with plenty of technical learning, business analysis, and solution design in between. You will be tasked with understanding new business processes, technologies, and ambiguous datasets to help design data integration and interoperability solutions that enable smarter, connected systems and better program outcomes. You will consult and develop relationships with active and prospective clients, coordinating with technical and non-technical teams to design and deliver solutions.

In a given project, you may be communicating with 20+ different people working across multiple time zones. Clear, efficient communication and strong organizational skills are critical in our remote, fast-paced work environment.

Desired Qualifications

This is a fairly technical role, and you will be the key translator between technical and non-technical implementing partners.

  • 4+ years of experience working with data or technology in one of these functional domains: Technology Consulting, Project Management, Data Management, Data Analysis, Software Development, Systems Administration, Systems Integration
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical audiences. This role revolves around remote client meetings, workshops, and presentations.
  • Technical savvy and familiarity with information systems, mobile data collection applications, and data analysis tools  (e.g., Postgres and SQL databases, CommCare, ODK, Kobo Toolbox, DHIS2, Salesforce, Tableau, ArcGIS). You don’t need to be a developer or know all of these technologies, but you should be curious and ready to click around unfamiliar applications or databases.
  • A details-focused orientation – you must have an analytical mindset,, the ability to make sense of messy Excel spreadsheets full of ambiguous data, and enjoy asking questions.
  • Self-motivation – you must be a results-oriented team player who can help lead and deliver across multiple workstreams.
  • Fluency/proficiency in English.
  • Ability to work from home or a shared office space with fast, stable internet, preferably in Senegal or Latvia (or available for remote work in Africa/Europe time zones).

Things that might set you apart

  • Experience with technology consulting and managing communication between technical and non-technical teams.
  • Experience with systems integration, REST APIs, data systems design, data management or analysis, systems administration, or a programming language.
    Experience with business process and system flow diagrams, functional user assessments, software testing, and/or writing technical specifications
  • Experience working remotely with multifunctional teams across geographies.
  • Experience leading a team and managing people.
  • Working proficiency in another language (preferably French or Spanish).
  • Enthusiasm for teaching and experience with knowledge sharing, online course development/delivery, documentation-writing, or blogging.
  • Passion for our partners and the missions of their health and humanitarian interventions, and experience working on ICT4D/ social sector technology implementations


  • Compensation commensurate with experience. (Note: Working with mostly NGO clients, we don’t offer for-profit, Silicon Valley pay scales, but high quality of life and a fair, transparent compensation model are important to us.)
  • Flexible working schedule.
  • Health insurance stipend.
  • Exposure to hottest industry and technology trends and leading health and humanitarian interventions in the sector.
  • Opportunity for leadership and advancement. You will be a key contributor to our company’s strategy and direction.
  • Opportunity to build and lead your own portfolio based on your performance.

To apply, please send your CV and a compelling email to [email protected]

Application deadline: 5 December 2021.


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