PEG Africa recruits 01 Odoo Developer

PEG Africa recruits 01 Odoo Developer
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Odoo Developer
Dakar, Senegal
• Informatique & Télécoms

PEG Africa
We are looking for a qualified Odoo developer to help with the deployment of our CRM/ERP software. You will be working with our project board and external vendor to develop, test, deploy and modify our own Odoo software and deploy future modules and integrations with 3rd party software. You will have the opportunity to have a significant impact as we roll-out Odoo throughout the organization and build our own in-house development capability.


Candidate Attributes
You are:
• Committed to high product standards with an eye on delivery time
• Familiar with each layer of tech stacks that contributes to building an ERP platform
• Independent at work with minimum supervision
• Seeing through a project from conception to finished product
• Excellent at Communication, Teamwork and Drive scalable solutions to production
• Flexible, Quick-learner, and Self-motivated
• An enthusiastic developer who thrives to build enterprise applications and understands what is needed to get things done in a collaborative manner

Functional Competencies
• Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems, Computer Science, or a related discipline
• 2+ years of Odoo development expertise from conceptualization to implementation, integration, and testing is a must.
• The job involves customization of Odoo, ERP platform written in Python and Javascript.
• Able to identify new requirements and propose a SMART solution
• Experience in RESTful API practices and microservices architecture
• Odoo ERP architecture (cloud or hosted)
• Strong in Python and programming concepts is a must
• Knowledge of best engineering practices in agile software development: architectural paradigms, code reviews, branching, task management, documentation, testing
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• French-speaking is really advantageous

Technical Competencies
• Minimum 2 years of proven experience as an Odoo Developer
• Familiarity with Atlassian product suite (Jira & Confluence)
• Experience working with version 12, 13 of Odoo.
• Knowledge in XML, HTML and CSS is an added advantage
• Business Informatics subject at university is an advantage
• Experience with development of supply chain, customer management, and loan/payment management systems
• Proficiency in GIT and GITHub/Repository Management, Web Architecture, Database storage
• Experience in SCRUM/Agile development methodologies
• Experience with docker and dockerizing applications
• Exposure to Cloud Solutions (like AWS- EC2, EKS, S3) is an added advantage
• Exposure to streaming tools like Kafka is a value-add

• Actively participate in the requirements gathering
• Analyze challenge and estimate business requirements and develop new features and apps that are requested by the business
• Work with development teams and product managers to ideate software solutions
• Write effective APIs
• Define Business cases and requirements in detail
• Prepare project scope definition
• Adherence to organizational standards and deliver quality assurance to stakeholders
• Test the platform to ensure responsiveness and efficiency
• Creating detailed technical documentation on design and plan of the project
• Document Unit, Integration, System, and Acceptance test strategies and plans respectively
• Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade software as part of maintenance of the project
• Create security and data protection settings
• Build features and applications with a mobile responsive design
• Prepare technical documentation on the custom built components
• Ensure to deliver user manuals and training materials on the platform
• Work in collaboration with various departments to explore and extend the existing functionality of Odoo.

Additional Responsibilities:
• Think creatively: PEG is a place that is permanently pushing the boundaries within its industry. We are not looking for someone that will just estimate models, write analyses and code. We want someone that will extract insights and provide business recommendations.
• Generate Impact: We want someone obsessed with impact. We don’t want a person who is just interested in finding patterns in the data. We want someone that understands how to turn those discoveries into value for our customers and our internal teams every day.

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