Grant Opportunity: Pilot Project On Water Conservation, Municipal Project in Canada 

Grant Opportunity: Pilot Project On Water Conservation, Municipal Project in Canada

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is offering grant to Pilot Project on water conservation and municipal project to help Canadian cities and communities of all sizes promote water conservation.

Pilot projects assess solutions in real-life conditions. They evaluate either a small-scale version of a project or a full-scale, replicable version.
This funding is for retrofit initiatives only. Your pilot project may compare several options or assess one option’s ability to reduce potable water use by at least 40% in a municipal building.
They do not fund the purchase, installation, replacement or repair of water mains as a stand-alone initiative.They will fund those activities if they are part of a broader, more innovative initiative.
The pilot should assess whether the project meets the necessary requirements (e.g., financial, technical), has a solid business case and the ability to deliver strong environmental, financial and social benefits directly to your community or through replication in other municipalities. Your project’s outcomes should help you decide whether to scale up the use of the solution you are piloting.Examples of what you might pilot:
Alternative greywater treatment systems
Rainwater collection and reuse
Funding Information
Up to $500,000 to cover up to 50% of eligible costs
Municipalities and municipal partners with a population of 20,000 or under may qualify for a grant of up to 80 per cent of eligible project costs under certain conditions.
What they are looking to fund

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FCM funds pilot projects that demonstrate most of the following characteristics:

Transformative potential: The pilot project test solutions (e.g., knowledge, practices, technologies) that are beyond business-as-usual. The pilot project:
Is likely to result in a project that demonstrates significant performance improvements (e.g., improved levels of service, cost savings, energy efficiency, increased resiliency, environmental protection, improved human health)
Is audacious in that it requires a municipality to take on uncertainty over known best practices to achieve greater environmental benefits
Is designed to build the capacity of key stakeholders (e.g., municipal staff, elected officials, local trades)
Has the potential to generate new knowledge for the sector
Has a high likelihood of being replicated if successful
Significant impacts: The project has the potential, at full scale, to generate significant measurable environmental results as well as economic and social benefits.
Strong implementation framework: The project plan is robust and includes appropriate stakeholder engagement, planning, risk management and resourcing.
Eligibility Criteria
All Canadian municipal governments
Their project partners, which includes:
Private sector entities
Indigenous communities
Municipally-owned corporations
A regional, provincial or territorial organization delivering municipal services
Non-governmental organizations
Not-for-profit organizations
Research institutes (e.g., universities)
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