Small Grants for Campaigns to accelerate safe and effective access of COVID 19 vaccines

Small Grants for Campaigns to accelerate safe and effective access of COVID 19 vaccines

Deadline: 26-Nov-21

The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) is pleased to announce funding for small campaigns to address vaccine hesitancy and misinformation as well as to support policy advocacy for equitable access to safe and effective COVID 19 vaccines in the Caribbean.

CVC has received a grant from the Open Society Policy Center (“OSPC”) to support policy advocacy for equitability. This will be accomplished through supporting advocacy for equitable access to safe and effective vaccines, once they are licensed and approved as well as urgent, broad scale commitment and investment from participating countries.

There are two distinct, but related components to CVC’s initiative.

Goal 1- To build momentum within Caribbean Civil Society (CS) to push the global North for information on and access to any new vaccine for the Caribbean region. It also seeks to build awareness among civil society to monitor the scene for alternative mechanisms that might emerge to COVAX, particularly given all the public funding being channeled into the vaccine effort.
Goal 2- The second goal is targeted at national and regional policy makers to ensure equal and equitable access to vaccines for all the people of the Caribbean (coverage for some is coverage for none), and avoid a repeat of what has happened with testing in the region. It will also mobilize political leadership and international support to fully operationalize the shared commitments to global equitable allocation within the vaccine development and distribution chain as well as elevate the voice of the Caribbean so it is heard clearly on all these matters.

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Campaigns should support any of the following objectives:

To counter vaccine hesitancy through the creation of messages to counter anti-vaccine narratives while taking into account varying educational, cultural and language backgrounds.
Social media campaigns with messaging to address misinformation, support vaccine demand and uptake and gain public confidence in the Covid-19 vaccines.
Advocacy messaging to ensure that resource allocation towards the COVID-19 vaccine does not divert resources from other critical health needs such as HIV and NCDs.
Funding Information
Each organization may apply for an award of maximum US$7,500 to support project-related costs for up to four (4) months. Allocations for salaries, stipends, incentives and overheads should not exceed 40% of the total budget for the grant.
Eligibility Criteria
Civil Society Organizations operating in Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and the OECS.
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