Youth Endowment Fund offering grants to help Families to overcome Challenges in the UK

Youth Endowment Fund offering grants to help Families to overcome Challenges in the UK

Deadline: 1-Dec-21

The Youth Endowment Fund has announced a supportive home – helping families to overcome challenges to improve the lives of children and young people.

They’re building all of the work around a set of themes – the conditions that they think children and young people need in their lives to keep them safe from becoming involved in violence. This set of themes provides a focus for the knowledge they want to build about what works to help put these conditions in place for every child and young person.

This grant round, A supportive home: helping families to overcome challenges, is the first they’ll run as part of the supportive home theme. They’re working together with Comic Relief on this grant round. They’re investing some of their funds and have helped them involve young people in deciding what they want to invest in and learn from this round.

Funding Information


They’ll aim to identify around 5-10 programmes to fund and evaluate. They’re planning to spend between £6 million and £10 million depending on the how well applications meet the criteria.

What they’ll Fund in this Round?

Scope of programmes they’ll fund in this round:

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They are interested in funding and evaluating programmes where the evidence of positive impact on children is promising. In this round they are focusing funding on four main areas:
Parenting programmes (including programmes for foster carers or people working with children in residential care), which help parents and their children to develop positive behaviours and relationships.
Family therapy interventions (including for children in foster care), which offer whole families structured forms of therapy.
Programmes to reduce parental conflict, which are specifically designed to improve relationships between parents or carers .
Domestic abuse interventions, which are specifically designed to prevent and reduce harm to children and adults.
Eligibility Criteria

Their conversations with people working to keep children safe – and young people themselves – made it clear that they should focus on helping families.
There’s also clear evidence that family support could be effective. But lots of the evidence is international rather than UK-based, and many of the underlying studies have limitations.
By funding programmes in England and Wales, they can build the knowledge of how best to support families, foster carers and children’s homes so that children have a supportive home.
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